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Woody Valley Bix

Woody Valley Bix

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Woody valley Bix For Tandem Pilot



Harness designed for the pilot of a tandem paraglider.

  • It has a wide seat which widens towards the front, so that the pilot automatically adopts the most comfortable seating position after launch, keeping the passenger between the legs. This improves control in case of turbulence, and provides greater seat comfort;
  • The reserve parachute container is large and positioned under the seat. It is designed so that the chute can be deployed from right or left;
  • It is supplied complete with split bridle, so that it can be attached to the main sail hook-in karabiners.






One size


kg 5,55


LTF with GET-UP system

Type of protection

Foam 17 cm

Principal materials

Cordura® 500, Nylon 210, Camp-Para karabiners,

Finsterwalder buckles

Distance between karabiner and seat

One size 41 cm

*Total weight including emergency handle, carabiners and protection.



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